Saturday, 5 May 2012

Monthly movies for April.

This monthly review will be quick, seeing that I only saw two movies this month, The Hunger Gamers and Best Exotic Marigold Hotel. They do say it is quality and not quantity, and I think this phrase fits well for my month of movies, I enjoyed both movies for different reasons.

The Hunger Games: Seeing that I am not a big or fast book reader, I have of course not read the hunger games, yet. I said yet, which most likely means probably not at all, I can't write these blogs and watch movies and read books, that's too much for this brain, I also have to fit my day job in there too. So, my perspective of this movie is from someone seeing the story unfold for the first time, and I will have to say I enjoyed it. Talking about this movie to friends and family, it sounds like if you have read the book you might be slightly disappointed with the movie. They say "it misses this point" or "they needed to delve into this character more", etc, etc. I think for what it is worth, the story line, for the type of movie it is, was good, you can work out things for yourself and assume certain things well happen, knowing of course they will most likely be bringing out the sequels in the coming years, seeing this looks like it is the next big franchise to come along since Twilight. The main disappointment for me in the movie was the handy cam work. It was too rough, I understand they wanted to make you feel part of the action, but I think they over did it, and it was for me to blurry, to much movement. They should have taken note on  the Chronicle style of handy cam work, which they seem to do well in that movie. Overall, I am looking forward to seeing the sequel to the hunger games, giving this a 3.5/5.

Best Exotic Marigold hotel: Before I start going into this movie, I would just like to say I think the British have the best form of comedy. Growing up I enjoyed the Goodies, Monty Python, then in the later years Black book, IT Crowd, etc. So, seeing the actors and the previews to this movie, I was thinking, it will have that nice comedic edge to it, which only the Brits know how to do, and I do love Bill Nighy, he just seems very natural and funny. I come out of this movie, knowing that I got a good little hit of comedy, with a slight touch of sadness to it. It was a very well rounded movie. The cinematography with the scene changers and just the beautiful Indian scenery really showed in this movie, along with an interesting story line, made this a nice well rounded movie, with my rating of 3.5/5.

Well, that was an easy month of movies blended in with seeing family and friends for April. I am in the process of writing my review on the star wars episodes, so the first episode of that will be posted in this galaxy and in the near future. Also, don't forget to download and listen to Hell is for Hyphenates podcast for april.