Saturday, 10 November 2012

You Will Be My Son

Now I haven't forgotten my blogging commitments, but the A-League is upon us, and I have been a busy bee over at blog site. I have just recently seen this French film and also Looper, more on Looper in my next blog, this is all about 'You will be my son'.

One thing about non Hollywood movies is that they don't need to worry about fitting into any type of format, and so you find more interesting and diverse movies from across the World. With this being one of them. I enjoyed this movie, being about two different families on a French winery. I would have like the start to be a little bit different, I felt like it gave away what was going to happen to early, but then I know others liked how it started.

Apart from that it had a good story line and also some good cinematography of the French countryside, just making you want to go to France on a winery tasting holiday.

It's movie is not on at Village or Hoyts but you can still catch it at either Cinema Nova, Palace Cinema Como or Classic Elternwick. I would highly recommend you catch this movie while it is still on. We saw it at the Palace, but all of these cinemas are great places to see movies.

Sharmill Films: You Will Be My Son.

Rating: 3.5/5