Monday, 11 June 2012

Raiders of the Lost Ark at the Astor Theatre

Yes, I am breaking out of my monthly reviews for this movie, but for good reasons, it is a classic and also our good friends @ the Astor Theatre are showing it, as of the 1st of July, limited screening. I was lucky enough to get a little sneak peak, thanks to knowing the right people of course, and was I excited about seeing Raiders of the Lost Ark on the BIG screen again.

Raiders of the Lost Ark: I still remember the first time I saw this movie at the cinema. I was just a little boy, around 6 years old at the time. I can remember being in the back seat of the car with my dad and older brother, it's just one of those child hood memories which will be with me forever. This movie is one of my all time classic, I just love it, and seeing it again at the Astor Theatre was fantastic. It has been re-mastered in new 4K Digital, which to me means bringing it up to todays technology, and we were told that some parts were still in original format. The quality of the picture and sound was excellent, there was only a few spots which the video wasn't good (being in original format of course). But, all in all, it was an unbelievable re-master. I'm giving this a 4.5 out of 5.

This is a must see at the Astor Theatre for 2 reasons. The first is seeing a classic movie re-mastered on the big screen and the second is supporting a great Melbourne cinema, the Astor Theatre. They always bring back the classic as well as the recent movies. If you have not been to the Astor at all, and you live in Melbourne, then what a better why of going to the Astor for the first time and seeing a great classic, at the same time. So, pencil this one in your diary for next month at the Astor, and don't forget to buy a chic top, they have some yummy flavours to choose from.

Saturday, 9 June 2012

Star Wars Episode VII - The Review. By Ash.

I was going to start this blog with some sort of reference to star wars, like "A short time ago, in the galaxy which we live in, Ashley watched the Star Wars episodes I, II and III again", but then it just didn't sound right. I was also going to try and write something different to my basic monthly review, and try and do a real review, and breakdown of the movies, and how I used to watched the originals over and over again when I was a kid. But, I have decided that I am a movie fan, and just blog about movies, and I'll leave the real reviews to Lee and Paul at Hell Is For Hyphenates and Luke Buckmaster at Cinetology. Which if you haven't checked their reviews out, I would highly recommend in doing so, if like me, you love movies. So, I',m just going to stick to my normal style.

Star Wars Episode I - The Phantom Menace: I think, at the time, I was pretty excited when this first come out, and then when I saw it I was full of mixed emotions, and wasn't sure if I liked it or not. Well, after all these years, I am still undecided if I do like it of not. I think that it started of with potential, with what is to come with Episode II and III. Some new characters we could have done without, also, I also think that he added too many of the original characters, which we could have also done without in the new episodes. He just seem to want to keep the new episodes as close to the original as he possible could. And then George Lucas released the:
Star Wars Episode II - Attack of the Clone Wars: This was the worst out of the new three episode. It is funny watching Yoda jump around. But, that is what it is, just funny, like YouTube funny, not for a Star Wars movie. Yoda looks just as old as he did in the original series, where he is so old he has to walk around with a walking stick, he just doesn't sync with me. I think we could have done without this one. I think that's enough said.
Star Wars Episode III - Revenge Of The Sith: This is like the Episode I, I am just undecided if I like it or not, all for the same reasons as Episode I.

If I treat Episode I, II and III as just movies on their own, and not related to the original trilogy, then, I don't mind them, and can accept them. But, for what they are meant to be, they just don't gel with the originals, there is too many things which don't sync with the original trilogy and characters. I can't see my views changing, but it probably want stop me than watching them again.

Sunday, 3 June 2012

Monthly movies for May

Once again I only got to see one movie for this month, of course it was The Avengers. If only I didn't have to work, and I could just watch movies and get paid for it, but this is not the case, and I had a very busy workload in the last month, so without getting into my boring work, lets move onto my monthly movie review for May.

The Avengers: This was a big movie in the waiting for many people including myself. Out of the comic book characters in The Avengers, that have done movies so far, I have only seen the first Iron Man and just recently Captain America: The First Avenger. Of course Joss Whedon is one of my favourite Director/writers, creating one of my all time favourite TV shows Firefly, plus Buffy, Dollhouse, the list goes on and on. Just knowing that he was the director/writer, was enough for me to want to see this movie. Seeing that most of the main super hero's have had their own blockbuster movies shown in the last fews years, meant that they did not have to use the first movie in building up the characters too much, but I felt like they did enough in this movie for that, without messing with the main plot too much. I feel that Joss had some good humour in the movie, and massive action scenes. With total mass destruction from the evil bad guys, which only the Super Hero's of course could stop, it was, to me, a true Marvel style movie. Of course the last thing which I loved about the movie, is of course it had Samuel L Jackson, and I think that is enough said. Of course my views might be biased due to it having Joss Whedon and Samuel L Jackson involved in the movie.  If you love comic book movies, then I would say this one is a must, 4/5.

Well, as they say that is a wrap for this month, and I hope you enjoyed this movie like I did.
Ciao for now.