Monday, 17 June 2013

Lagnaa and Singapore

Our first experience at Singapore, in 2010, was only for four days and on the end of a around the world trip. Being food lovers, and being the first time in Singapore we wanted to experience Indian dining at the famous Raffles. You could say our first Indian dining in Singapore was a let down. We clearly made a newbie mistake, Raffles was too over the top in so many ways, except where it counted for us, the food. With the four days going fast, we found that it just was not enough time to experience what Singapore had to offer, and so decided that we needed to come back. About a year later Jetstar provided us with this chance, via one of there special hot flight deal offers.

You could say it was not expected that we were going to be coming back to Singapore so quickly, but being able to get those cheap tickets, we were able to plan an unexpected holiday, back in Singapore. While in Singapore for the second time, we of course wanted to eat Indian, and with Raffles clearly out of the question, it was off to our trusty friend, Trip Advisor, which never lets us down for hotels, and decided to use it to help find a nice Indian Restaurant. Near the top of the list was this place called Lagnaa, and looking at the score and feedback, we decided to give it a go.

Lagnaa is situated in Little India, and on arriving, we were greeted straight away by Shanti. Her lovely smile and friendly persona, made you feel right at home. She took us upstairs and seated us at our tables (upstairs you need to take your shoes off, and sit on the floor, which is half the fun). Shanti then went over the menu, going over the monthly specials, which every month is picked by a panel of guest which vote for the monthly specials, which was then followed by the chillies scale, 1-10. I didn't notice at the time, but on the main floor they have a chillie scale, along the wall, for people willing to take the challenge. Wooden pegs, with people's names on the peg, go next to the level they were able to achieve. To date, no one has made it to level 10, with only one person getting to level 9, this is another blog in itself or something you need to experience by going to Lagnaa.

On our third trip back, we came back to Lagnaa 3 times, during our eight day visit. Trying different items on the menu including the monthly specials. They also do cooking courses, and if you are there at the right moment, you might be able to take part in choosing the monthly specials. One of the things we love about Lagnaa apart from the fantastic food is having the great chats with Shanti. Yes, it is our favourite Indian restaurant in the world, and we miss it as much as we miss Singapore itself. Our advice if you are going to visit Singapore, then this is truly a place you need to visit.

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  1. wow shanti excellent.....with your brainstorming and acute sense you made it, I love the chilli peg board, next time when we come we will eat at yr place, I am going to start training my hubby now so he can got to level 10.