Sunday, 7 July 2013

Masak Masak

Last Friday night Lauren and I went to my brothers comic book realease at the Over the Moon Launch at Sentido Funf on Gertrude St.. Lauren, being the forward thinker she is, made sure we had our dinner planned and booked for that night. This was at Masak Masak, a Malaysian hawker-style restaurant. Lauren booked this place from seeing pictures of the food on Instagram, and then checked it out online. Along with the delicious pictures, Masak Masak received good reviews online.

Masak Masak had a few set dinner options, and we decided to choose 'Set One', which is for max of 2 to 3 people. The first thing we had was the 'Century egg, pickled ginger, chilli oil'. This was a very interesting little bite size dish, with the egg coming cut in four pieces, and looking a very weird dark colour. It was very tasty, and started our journey off in the right direction. We then continued on our set dinner with 'Satay Beef with condiments' and 'Prawn wonton', fried of course. Both dishes being amazing, I could have had a whole bowl of the Prawn wontons they were so great.

Then the main dishes came out, we didn't think that the set menu would be enough for us, and so decided to add another item to our set dinner. The next on our food journey was 'Slow cooked beef ribs with sambal oelek' along with 'Wok-fried rice, chinese sausage, spring onion' and 'Kai-lan chinese broccoli, oyster sauce, garlic chips'. The beef ribs were huge and just melted away from the bone, and of course were delish. Lauren not normally a fan of fried rice, along with me, found the fried rice really yum. The journey finished with a sweet treat, Petit Four by Luxbite, along with some coffees.

What can I say the 'Set one' dinner was only $49 in total, yes not per person, in total. We really didn't need to get that extra dish, the main servings dishes were larger than what we expected. It has to be one of the cheapest Restaurants we have eaten at in Melbourne, without losing on quality. The food at Masak Masak really did take me back to being at a Singapore Hawker market, I just needed a Tiger beer to complete the flashback moment. The food was amazing, and I highly recommend this restaurant to all, we will certainly be coming back for more.

Mask Masak Menu.

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  1. Sounds like you had a great time a gastronomic experience. If I lived in the City I would have to give it a try.

  2. Don't like comics huh?

  3. Not sure what you mean.....
    But yes we do like comics.