Monday, 8 July 2013

MIFF2013 is nearly upon us

It is nearly that time of the year again, yes MIFF is back. This will be my fourth year in a row of going to the festival, with last year being my biggest achievement of 35 movies in the two weeks, while also working full time and blogging about the festival. This time I have gone back to around 13 films (at the moment).

The films which I have selected and booked so far (In order of how I am seeing them):
- Dirty Wars
- I Delcare War
- The Major
- Powerless
- The East
- The Attack
- Fatal Assistance
- Lunacy!
-The Act of Killing
- Computer Chess
- A Hijacking
- Ilo Ilo
- Artifact

I don't think I will hit my high of 35 movies this year, it will probably be my usual amount of just under 20 movies. I wasn't planning on blogging on them, but to my surprise I did get some of my friends asking if I was going to do my MIFF blog, and so I will give it a shot (ok, so maybe it was just my wife suggesting it). I will keep the same format as last year, which was quick and simple. If you haven't experience MIFF yet, well now is your chance. It is a great festival, with lots of different and exciting films to see. MIFF gives you the chance to see same movies which will never go on the big screens in Australia, and also is the only time of the year you can watch a movie at the forum.

Watch this blogsite soon for my MIFF movie blogs.

MIFF Program Guide for 2013

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